Jerry W Chen

I am an undergrad studying Computer Engineering at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

About Me

My name is Jerry and I am a senior at the University of Illinois. I am majoring in Computer Engineering, with a certificate in Innovation. Currently, I am looking for a full-time position in software or hardware development.

I am originally from the east coast, growing up in Pennsylvania before moving to Basking Ridge, New Jersey where I attended Ridge High School.

At Illinois, I have taken key classes in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship, including classes in kernels, data structures, systems programming, and circuits. My technical experience includes programming with C, C#, C++, HTML5, LC-3 (assembly), Python, and SystemVerilog. I am also proficient with CSS3, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, OpenCV, Unity, and Android and Arduino development.

Besides that, I have interned at the State Farm Research and Development Center and Texas Instruments, worked on several projects, and attended multiple hackathons.

Work and Experience

  • Texas Instruments
    I am a embedded software engineering intern at TI, working to improve flashing performance of TI debug probes.
  • State Farm Research and Development Center
    I was a systems intern at State Farm, working with autonymous drones and Google's Project Tango.
  • Association for Computing Machinery
    I am a member of SIGCHI, focusing on human-technology and human-computer interaction.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    I am currently a junior in Computer Engineering at UIUC.
  • Innovation Certificate from the Technology Entrepreneur Center
    The Innovation Certificate revolves around entrepreneurship, innovative product design, and transformative technical products and services.
  • Illinois Rowing Team
    I am a varsity rower of the Illinois Rowing Team, competing in events across the country.

Core Classes at Illinois

  1. ECE 110 - Electronics and Circuit Analysis
  2. ECE 120 - Computer Systems & Programming I
  3. ECE 210 - Analog Signal Processing
  4. ECE 220 - Computer Systems & Programming II
  5. ECE 313 - Probability with Engineering Applications
  6. ECE 385 - Digital Systems Laboratory
  7. ECE 391 - Computer Systems Engineering
  8. CS 173 - Discrete Structures
  9. CS 225 - Data Structures
  10. CS 465 - User Interface Design
  11. MATH 221 - Calculus I
  12. MATH 231 - Calculus II
  13. MATH 241 - Calculus III
  14. MATH 286 - Differential Equations
  15. PHYS 211 - Mechanics
  16. PHYS 212 - Electricity and Magnetism
  17. PHYS 213 - Thermal Physics
  18. PHYS 214 - Quantum Physics
  19. ENG 298 - User-Oriented Collaborative Design
  20. ENG 298 - High Tech Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise
  21. ENG 333 - Creativity, Innovation, Vision
  22. ENG 398 - Social Innovation and Sustainable International Development
  23. BADM 395 - Making Things


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  • Virtual Reality for Insurance Agents

    Google's Project Tango helps insurance agents create a more intuitive and interactive experience for customers.

    Technical Details: Project Tango Development Kit, Unity, C#

  • Geolocation of Drones

    By using map data and computer vision, Python scripts are developed to more accurately locate drones and allow them to fly autonomously.

    Technical Details: Python, OpenCV

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Machine learning is used to analyze user sentiment on social media platforms and enable ways to increase customer retention.

    Technical Details: Python, scikit-learn

  • Image Editor

    The image editor has options for Gaussian filter, image convolution, and pixelation functions.

    Technical Details: C

  • Sudoku Solver

    Stuck on a Sudoku puzzle? This program solves any Sudoku puzzle of any size in seconds.

    Technical Details: C

  • Snake Game

    This is a recreation of the classic 70s game, with the ability to create custom levels.

    Technical Details: C